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November AS XLI (2006)

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From the Seneschal

I'd like to thank those who turned out for the Bloomington Downtown Merchant's Association Trick or Treat night. Even though it was pretty cold, I think the merchants and the kids enjoyed seeing us out there. I think the only odd look came when they realized that we wear our outfits year-round, not just on Halloween.

Our mini-event, "Inkin' in Lincoln" is just over a month away. I am sure that everyone will pitch in in traditional Scolairi fashion to make it a success. If you're not sure what there is still to do, talk to Dame Ellen...I'm sure she'll find a job for you.

With 2006 heading to a close, we need to start thinking about our spring event. If anyone is interested in autocrating, or has ideas for the event, please let me know.



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Rapier Report

Greetings! Nothing much to report this month. Aileen is still working on a cold weather practice site. We'll let you know when that's all arranged. Until then, we probably won't have any scheduled practices. Shouldn't be much longer.

Until then, keep going to events, have fun, email or call with any questions.


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Chatelaine Report

Thank you to everyone who helped with the demo Friday evening for the Downtown Bloomington Merchant’s Association. Lady Vivienne was the demo contact and helped coordinate. Maistir Rory served as herald for the prize give-away. The Honorable Lady Mary and Baroness Angelique demonstrated calligraphy at the courthouse museum. With the additional help of Lord Vincenzo, The Honorable Ladies Eithne and Francesca, and Dame Ellen, we handed out brochures with SCA contact information. Keep your eyes open for new faces at shire activities.


Chtelaine’s Domsday Report:

Reports should be sent to your Regional or Principality Chatelain(e). A copy of the Domesday should also be sent to the Kingdom Chatelaine. A copy should be kept in the group’s records.

SCA Name Ellen of the Scholars

Membership No. 67334

Local Group Baile na Scolairi

Modern Name Cindy E. Baker

Recruiting activities:

The shire does not currently do any activities specifically geared toward recruiting. We do get occasional email contacts, mostly from our web site which are forwarded to me. I make sure to answer promptly & provide information about local activities & meetings. I’ve printed up a supply of brochures with contact information which we can hand out at demos or other public venues.

Activities to integrate new people into group:

I write a chatelaine’s article for our monthly newsletter with tidbits for the new members and reminders to the long time members to watch for & help out new people. One of our shire families hosted a fall bonfire & party in early October so that both long-time and newer members could socialize.

Positive public relations activities:

Park cleanup once a month during the summer. Participated in Downtown Bloomington Merchants Association Trick-orTreat event. (See below.)


We were invited by the Downtown Bloomington Merchants Association to help hand out information at their Halloween Trick-or-Treat evening. 7 of us went in garb & also handed out SCA flyers (with their approval of course). We set up a short calligraphy demo inside the courthouse museum and helped “herald” the door prize give-aways.

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Minister of Arts and Sciences

Greetings Everyone,

There isn’t much to report this month other than to remind everyone of our upcoming event “Inkin’ in Lincoln”, a regional scribal symposium we are co-sponsoring with Rokkehealdon on Dec. 16, 2006 at the Davis Lodge in Hudson. Be sure to check with the autocrat if you would like to help. Another event I would like to encourage people to attend is the upcoming RUM in Decatur on Dec. 2. Please be aware that when you look at the site the classes hyperlink isn’t working yet. If you click on the RUM site and look at classes you will only see the classes for last spring (March 2006) in Ohio.

Finally, the Known World Costuming Symposium will be in Madison, WI on Thanksgiving weekend November 24-26 for those of us with some time on our hands.

Sites of Interest

Manuscriptorium Accessed 10-27-06

A Czech webpage that makes available a small (but nevertheless very interesting) selection from their holdings of digitised manuscripts, old printed books and maps. Mostly in Czech, but there are some great images.


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Officer Notes

Missing Officer Reports/Articles:

Pursuivant - Dugan - No article this month.

Knight’s Marshal – Aileen - No article this month.

Archery Marshal - Simon - No article this month.

Eschequer -Francesca - No article this month.

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Scola Scribendi

Warm autumn greetings Scribendi!

The scribal round table at Foxvale’s “Hunt” event was a lot of fun! Several large tables were filled by scribes talking shop and working on projects all day. There was also a scribal challenge based on the “Book of the Hunt.” The challenge stated that work could be done in any medium and there were some very unusual entries. Most notable were an embroidered miniature, a disposable diaper decorated with “diapered” backgrounds, and finally Peter the Goldsmith himself was put into competition by his wife, Madeleina von der Plesse. She made him an outfit from the book complete with their own pet “hunting” dog. Quite a display of talent!

Our own Scolairi scribes have been busy with court award scrolls for Crown Tourney and helping to plan the “Inkin’ in Lincoln,” scribal event coming this December. The Lincoln signet, Akiko, has been seeking input and sends the following request:

“Greetings unto the wonderful and talented scribes!

I have a humble request. I’m attempting to put together a nice take folder for the upcoming Inkin’ in Lincoln Event. I was wondering if there were any scribes willing to send me any of the following:

1. Handouts – I can accept .pdf and MS Word files.

2. Favorite web site (limit 3) and why?

3. Favorite art supply store and why?

Cut off for these is October 31, 2006.”

If any of you have articles or favorites to add to her list, I encourage you to send them as soon as possible.


The Scolairi cooks have a tentative lunch menu including:

Chilled sliced roast of Titivillus (turkey and venison)

Carrot quills, celery styli, and other assorted fresh vegetables.

Bread – or erasers as the need arises

A colorful palette of Seasonal Fruit

Hard boiled eggs unsuitable for glair.

Or and Argent Cheeses

Haslett – a subtlety of fruit resembling the entrails of the last scribe to mis-spell the Queen’s name.

Spiced nuts – walnut hulls not included.

Hot cider and Cold Sekanjabin to balance the scribal humors.

Black-as-ink Coffee and Properly-tempered Tea will be available in the morning.

The pre-cook is scheduled for December 3rd at Lady Branwen’s new house. Volunteers to help with the chopping, roasting, and pre-cooking are always welcome!

I would also like to point out the lovely cover art this month created by Erin and Catalin Zoldsem.

The next scriptorium meetings are scheduled for Wednesday, November 11th and 25th at Lady Angelique’s house. If you are not able to make the Wednesday meetings, please let me know and I will bring scribal supplies to one of the Arts & Sciences meetings on Thursday or arrange some other time to get together & scribe. We are always in need of blank scrolls and people to paint, draw, or learn calligraphy.


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Da'ud Bob

So there I was, just going about my daily life, spending one weekend at the most recent Known World Heraldic Symposium (selling copies of the various volumes of collected movie reviews of Da'ud Bob ibn Briggs Goes to the Movies in the process. Remember, you, too, could own "The Complete Da'ud Bob". See it, and the individual volumes of movie reviews, on the internet at, spending the next in Las Vegas - in the summer! Did you know it's hot in Las Vegas in the summer? - visiting family and taking part in a five-generation photograph (we won't discuss which generation I am), when I receive this plaintive e-mail from a regular correspondent expressing that he was "Shocked!" that I had not before reviewed a particular movie. Now, admittedly, it was a movie which I have actually seen before (unlike some of the other movies which I have not yet reviewed, such as, not to mention any movies in particular, Hercules Versus the Mongols), but there is, after all, only so much time, and there are so very many movies crying out for a Da'ud Bob review. But, yes, this was one of those that I should have reviewed before now. And the promo for it was so very descriptive! "Never before so many thrills! Never such adventure, such romance! Sail to high adventure with 'The Robin Hood of the Sea.'" That last phrase is especially important to this particular movie, as the leading man is probably best known for his role as the outlaw of Sherwood Forest. And my correspondent was writing to let me know that it would be playing the very next night on Turner Classic Movies. So I cleared my schedule, sat down in the big, comfy, La-Z-Bubba recliner, hit the power button for the big-screen TV, and thus it is that this month, Da'ud Bob reviews The Sea Hawk.

Starring Errol (Robin Hood) Flynn at his swashbuckling best as Captain Geoffrey Thorpe, Brenda Marshall as his love interest Dona Maria Alvarez de Cordoba, Claude Rains as Don Josť Alvarez de Cordoba, Flora Robson as Queen Elizabeth Tudor, Alan Hale as Carl Pitt, Henry Daniell as Lord Wolfingham, Gilbert Roland as Captain Lopez, Montague Love as King Philip II of Spain, and Fritz Leiber as the Inquisitor, this story is about a Francis Drake-like character, captain of the privateer Albatross, in the years shortly before the sailing of the Spanish Armada against England. It bears, of course, no real relationship to the actual history of those days except in the most general sense, but it is a rousing story, though with a fairly unbelievable love story accompanying it.

Good points: Heraldry - most of it pretty decent heraldry - abounds. The chairs used by Elizabeth and by Philip II. Many of the interior sets. Calling the Queen of England "Your Grace" (instead of "Your Majesty").

Bad points: Ships moving at a decent clip with no wind at all in their sails. Dona Maria's hairstyles. And her pillbox hat. Flintlock muskets and pistols. The Inquisition courtroom. The portrait of Philip II in Elizabeth's chambers was by El Greco. (His name was Domenikos Theotokopoulos. No wonder they simply called him "The Greek"! But the odds are very much against the possibility that this portrait would have made its way to England then.) Spanish guards are grabbed from behind, and yet they don't cry out. The instantly fatal gut wound.

Zero breasts. Two tablespoons of blood. 22 dead bodies. Cannon fu. Pistol fu. Cutlass fu. Lash fu. Boarding hook fu. Musket fu. Chain fu. Waves roll. Ships roll. Gratuitous monkey. Gratuitous swoon. Gratuitous love story. Gratuitous recycling of the sets and costumes from The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex. Academy Award nominations to Erich Wolfgang Korngold for the stirring music throughout, and to Errol Flynn as Capt. Geoffrey Thorpe for "Mr. Pitt, I hope this young lady will change her mind. If she doesn't, change it for her and carry her aboard my ship." A 54 on the Vomit Meter. Two stars. Da'ud Bob said, "I blame Daniel." Anna Sue said, "For many things." Da'ud Bob says, "Check it out!"

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Recipe Corner

Steamed Haddock - by Catalin


1 pkg. Haddock (thawed if frozen)

1 jar roasted red peppers

1 can Italian diced tomatoes




other spices as you wish

green onion or scallion for garnish

Heat oven to 350. Spray the bottom of a baking dish with pam or olive oil. Drain the peppers and put them in a single layer. Layer the fish on top of the peppers and season. Pour the tomatoes over the top of the fish. Sprinkle with green onion. Cover with foil, be sure to poke holes to let steam escape. Bake for 25-30 minutes depending on the thickness of the fish. Be careful when opening the foil, there's still steam in there. May serve with salad, rice or oven roasted potatoes.

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