Scola Scribendi Scolls


    Scola Scribendi is the scriptorium of Baile na Scolairi: hard-working scribes who slave away with pen and parchment to create beautiful works of art.  Our name is Irish for "school of scribes".

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Calligraphy & Illumination by THLady Ellen of the Scholars



       This work was done in the style of the "Hours of Catherine of Cleves." New York, Pierpont Morgan Gallery. M. 945 and M. 917. Northern Netherlands (Utrecht), c. 1440. Although the design is original, it was done on the same size page as the manuscript (190 mm x 130mm) The two figures are based on a man from one of the miniatures and a woman holding a pitcher from one of the borders.

       Ink, watercolor, and gold leaf on vellum.









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