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June AS XLI (2006)

From the Seneschal

Rapier Marshal




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Da'ud Bob: The Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King

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From the Seneschal

Greetings Fellow Scolairian’s,

Congratulations to the new Heirs Brigh and Bardolph. We won't be seeing much of their Majesties this reign, but the next reign we will. You all know what that means...AWARD RECOMMENDATIONS. I hope to see most of you at Jubilee. Please volunteer and help out our neighbors.

Be nice and play safe

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Rapier Marshal


Summer is here with a vengeance and Jubilee is just around the corner. Remember lots of water and Gatorade, we don't want anybody going down from heat. Please notice that we're only having one Thursday practice this month and no Sunday's. Simon and I will be on vacation.


Thanks to everyone that helped with all our recent demos. The kids at the schools really appreciated it.


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Well good news-es! First we are back in the Park for another year! We have held one practice so far and it was good, much shooting very little arrow hunting, the back stops are awesome!

The other is I have a Mule, or a Deputy Group Marshal (in Training), better known by most as Llywelyn ap Gwyn Anglesey. He has graciously taken the storage and portaging of the target equipment into his own capable hands. For the first time in about 5 years my car is not loaded down with archery equipment!

As a reminder we will be practicing about every other week still out at Maxwell park. Times are from 9 am until 1 pm, but we all tend to be tired of shooting before then. Good chances to sit and talk a little and the trees are becoming fuller each year and providing more shade.

This may change in the next few years or so if the park renovations come in with trail heads to Constitution trail and parking being planned for along side the water tank, but we shall see and work with the Park district, we may get space in one of the newly proposed parks by that time.

Come on out and shoot, we may not have vast tracts of land or gi-normous hill sides to shoot and kill, but it is fun all the same!

Simon Hondy

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There’s not a lot to report for the month of June. However I would like to encourage people to attend the Jubilee Ole English Faire at Brimfield on June16-18, and help out, by either volunteering time at troll, the SCA information booth, participating in the morning promenade, or fighting in the tourneys. I am including here some of the rules for the site that need to be taken into consideration. Please read them! They are very important!:

Please bring a valid picture ID, or driver’s license with picture, to show at Troll. Those unable to provide valid identification will be refused entry to the site. Persons under 18 years of age will not be permitted to camp without their parent or legal guardian on site.

The only valid site token is a Troll-issued, properly-colored wristband. Anything else should be considered a door prize. You should be prepared to show your wristband at the request of event staff.

Troll-issued parking tags and tent tags should be displayed with your number clearly visible. If your vehicle leaves the site,
be aware that Illinois state law prohibits driving with items blocking any portion of the windshield.

Site Fees
Before June 5, 2006: 16+ $5 After June 5, 2006: 16+ $6
Children aged 15 and under are free.
Please note there will be a $3 SCA non-member surcharge.

Send pre-registration information to the Troll (contact information below) with checks or money orders payable to:

"SCA Inc. - Barony of Illiton" .

Pani Alzbeta Michalik
M.K.A. Stacey Mihallik
300 E. Virginia Ave
Peoria, IL, 61603-1718
Phone: 309-681-1109
No calls after 10pm, please.


Sites of Interest

If you are interested in period cooking utensils take a look at this site: . John Hudson's pottery, which is really nice stuff!

Those with costuming interests might want to check out: 16th and 17thC pattern books online, both by Mathilde Eschenbach.

This site includes a large selection of 16th century pattern books, some 17th century pattern books and a “Bibliography of Pattern Books in the 16th Century”.

Among the wealth of information at this site, one can find:

A. Reprints of 16th century pattern books
B. Pattern books available on the web :-)
C. Re-graphing of 16th century patterns
D. Books and articles with information about pattern books and how they were used.

And Finally for all of our scribes:

Vivarium: The Online Digital Collections of St. John’s University and the College of St. Benedict.

The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library at Saint John's Abbey and University has been preserving manuscripts from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East since 1965. HMML's collection includes 90,000+ manuscripts on microfilm and in digital form. There are several ways of searching but one of the unique features is the capability of searching primary sources by illuminated letter.


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Greetings, Scolairi.

Summer event and camping season is here. Many of us, new and old members alike, are not used to being outside all day. Please remember to use sun screen, drink plenty of water, and take care of yourselves while enjoying outdoor events. Remember; hats are very medieval. They provide extra shade and look fabulous!

Apart from a few sun burns, the Easter Egg Hunt went very well. I got a chance to chat with several new people and it seemed like everyone had an excellent time.

Baroness Angelique has donated a few items to the Gold Key garb. If you need to borrow something, let me know. I am also happy to accept donations of feast gear or other items useful to new members.


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Officer Notes

Missing Officer Reports/Articles:

Pursuivant - Dugan - No article this month.

Exchequer - Francesca - No article this month.

Knight’s Marshal – Angelique du Soleil - No article this month.

Thrown Weapons - Vladymyr - No article this month

Minister of Children - Guenivere - No article this month.

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Scola Scribendi

Greetings, Scribendi.

Thank you for working on the great prize scrolls for our event! They turned out beautifully and the prize winners were pleased to receive them. (I even got a hug from one of the fencers when I delivered his scroll!) Geertruydt Robertsdochter, Marie Tetreaux, Mary Buchanan, and myself made the 9 scrolls, with some calligraphy help from Master Daniel Eyesham of Tweed at the Artisan’s Green.

Now that the summer season is upon us, I’m hoping to get to some of the practices at Fairview Park. Let me know if you’d like me to bring along some paints & blank scrolls. The great outdoors is not always the best place for scribes, but some of you non-fighters who come along might enjoy painting while we keep the fighters & fencers company.

Their Majesties, Felix and Madeleina, are continuing the ancient and honorable tradition of giving favors to scribes who produce court award scrolls. Be sure to attend court and listen for your name if you’ve been donating scroll blanks! We can also work on favors or scribal supplies at upcoming scriptoria to keep The Royalty well supplied.

This month, The Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium will be hosted by the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann in Metarie, LA. The dates are: June 16th through 18th. For further information, contact the Autocrat: THL Katryne MacIntosh the Strange (


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Da'ud Bob

It’s such a terrible curse, to be so easily distracted by shiny objects. Any shiny objects. There I was, just going along in my daily routine, minding my own business, sitting in front of the tube flipping channels (I think my cable company’s motto is; “Nine hundred channels and not a thing to watch!”), when a preview on the SciFi Channel caught my eye. Dragons. Treasure. A special sword. A special ring that carries a curse of sorts. (See? Something shiny.) “Ah”, I thought. “They’re going to do the Lord of the Rings. Not their usual style, but still....” Well, I was wrong. The characters were all wrong. No Hobbits. No Orcs. No Nazgûl. And it was only going to be four hours long (less commercials), nowhere near long enough for LOTR. Well, what was this, then? Oh, I recognize it now! They’ve just named it something different. They must just be trying to confuse me. Hah! That trick hardly ever works. So I set my VCR to record it over two nights, so I could just sit down and watch it in a single setting. The story is that of the ring of the Nibelungs. (Remember Wagner’s Nibelungenlied? Same story, different emphasis, and not so much singing.) The title may have been totally different - and not really fit the story - but thus it is that this month, Da’ud Bob reviews The Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King.

Starring Benno Fürmann as our erstwhile hero Siegfried, Kristanna Løken as the Queen of Iceland Brunhild, Alicia Witt as the Princess Kriemhild, Julian Sands as the ever-scheming Hagen, Samuel West as Gunther, King of Burgund, Robert Pattinson as Prince Giselher, and Max von Sydow as the blacksmith Eyvind, the tag line says the tale is of “a blacksmith who slew a mighty dragon and gained a mighty treasure.” But really, the story of the ring of the Niebelungs is a little bit Romeo and Juliet with star (or, in this case, meteorite)-crossed but doomed lovers, a little bit Beowulf (hero slaying a monster for a king), a little bit Arthurian (use of shape-changing to get what one wants, not to mention the special sword, in this case forged from a meteorite), and a lot of greed (everybody wants the dragon’s treasure now that the dragon no longer has a use for it, being dead). Naturally, whoever has the ring controls the treasure, but the ring comes with a curse, which plays itself out on Siegfried and his love Brunhild. It’s a decent mix of “adventure, love, hate, betrayal, greed, money, and the fight for power - all the things that make good entertainment” according to Tim Halkin, the Executive Producer.

Good points: Max von Sydow’s florentine fight against mercenary thieves at his smithy. Fafnir, the dragon, is well done. The magic helmet (remember Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny singing about his “spear and magic helmet”? Well, this is the “magic helmet”) that allows its owner to take on the appearance of anyone he chooses.

Bad points: The Gothic gargoyle - in 500 A.D. The shields are simply not “right”. The costumes. (Oy, the costumes!) Cowskins over saddles. Some of the plate armor.

Zero breasts. Six gallons of blood. (Mostly dragon’s.) Twenty dead bodies (not counting the dragon). Sword fu. Arrow fu. Fire fu. Stone fu. Dragon tail fu. Axe fu. Dragon fire breath fu. Magic potion fu. Spear fu. Waves roll. Fighters roll. Heads roll. Gratuitous rune reading. Gratuitous theology. (Especially the “old religion” versus the “new religion”.) Gratuitous ring of fire dream. Gratuitous ravens. Gratuitous “the dragon is dead” dance. Gratuitous hog-tied husband. Not so gratuitous Achilles shoulder. Gratuitous dragon-prowed ship with real dragon’s skull as the prow. Academy Award nomination to Kristanna Løken as Brunhild for playing her her role as the Queen of Iceland with so much depth and feeling, and for her portrayal of a good Klingon wife. A 72 on the Vomit Meter. Two stars. Da’ud Bob says “Check it out!”

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Recipe Corner

Chicken and Eggplant Parmesan
(another Cat original):

2-3 big chicken breasts cut into 2-3 chunks each
1 eggplant sliced in half inch pieces
2-3 eggs beaten with salt, pepper, garlic , onion, & chili powders
2 cups bread crumbs
1-2 cans stewed tomatoes
1 1/2 cups low fat mozzarella
Pam cooking spray

Set oven to 400 degrees. Spray a glass baking dish with Pam. Dredge the eggplant in the egg mixture then the bread crumbs and place in the pan. Do the same with the chicken. It's ok to stack things if you need to. Spray the top with Pam. Put in the oven for 45 minutes. Remove from oven, pour on tomatoes and top with cheese. If you want some extra spice, sprinkle oregano and/or basil over the cheese. Replace in oven for 15 minutes. Serve over pasta or with a salad.

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