Baile na Scolairi

Financial Policies


Prepared at the Curia meeting May 9, 2002
Presented and approved by the populace June 3, 2002


Per SCA & Middle Kingdom law, all groups must have a Fiscal Committee. The Fiscal Committee for Baile na Scolairi shall be comprised of the members of the shire's Curia.

Standard, ongoing consumables of an office (i.e. printing & postage of the newsletter, photocopying of waivers, etc.) shall not require specific approval. These costs should be reviewed on a semi-regular basis.

Any major purchases must be discussed at a regular business meeting. Requests for such purchases shall be brought up during "New Business" and discussed at that time. At the next meeting the request shall be brought up again (under "Old Business"), reviewed and decided upon. The Curia is urged to discuss the purchase between the meetings to see if they, as the Fiscal Committee, approve the purchase.

Event Fiscal Procedures: The autocrats of any event shall report to the Curia in detail what expenses are being incurred and what revenues are gained. A briefer summary report should be presented each month at the shire business meeting (as part of the regular event staff report).


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