Baile na Scolairi

Event Planning Guidelines


Prepared at the Curia meeting September 19, 2002
Presented to the populace October 7, 2002


Anyone wishing to autocrat an event must present a proposal to the Shire at large during a business meeting. This proposal will include the following: Autocrat & Feastocrat (if required), Support Crew, Name & Theme of Event, Date of Event, Site of Event, Activities, Time Table for ads, Menu, Budgets, etc. All of this may be preliminary, or it may have been extensively researched. Any major changes must be brought before the Shire at large in the next business meeting; if there are no business meetings between the time of such change and the date of the event, then the changes shall be brought to the attention of the Shire Curia.

If there is no clear consensus about approving or disapproving the event, or if there is a conflict of any sort, the Shire Curia shall decide whether or not to approve the event.

New/inexperienced Shire members wishing to autocrat/feastocrat an event are strongly urged to team up with an experienced autocrat/feastocrat to share duties and for guidance.

The autocrat and feastocrat, upon agreeing to a timetable, shall adhere to it. Any difficulties or variations shall be reported to the Seneschal and the Shire.

The autocrat and/or feastocrat, or representatives, shall be present at all business meetings to give updates and to answer questions.

The autocrats of any event shall report to the Curia in detail what expenses are being incurred and what revenues are gained. A briefer summary report should be presented each month at the Shire business meeting (as part of the regular event staff report).

The Royal Family shall not pay site fees.

The need for Shire members to pay a site fee will be determined on an event-by-event basis.

Receipts are due to the Exchequer no more than 30 days after an event. Exceptions will be made only at the discretion of the Exchequer.

These regulations shall apply only to official SCA events and not to any private, household or unofficial party or event.


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